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Ancaster Window Washing has been fully booked for the past 2 cleaning seasons. If you are thinking about making a booking, we highly suggest you book your service in as far in advance as possible to guarantee a spot. Thank you to our wonderful customers that keep us busy year after year!

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Ancaster window cleaningAncaster Window Cleaning

We offer our Ancaster window cleaning residential clients a variety of services to ensure that we meet your needs such as – Ancaster Window Cleaning, Ancaster Gutter Cleaning, and Ancaster Pressure Washing and other various services such as Driveway and Deck cleaning, and Screen Cleaning.

Ancaster Window Washing

We offer both interior and exterior Ancaster window cleaning. Exterior windows are cleaned using a state of the are Pure Water cleaning system and hand cleaning all interior windows, ledges, frames, screens, and window sills. Ancaster window cleaning uses no harsh chemicals so it is safe for children, pets, and you.
As part of our interior service all window screens are removed, wiped down and detailed. We will also remove any overspray of paint that might be on the glass with a scraper for an additional fee.

Pricing for residential window cleaning is determined by the number of window panes. This can be done easily online using our free instant quote above.

We have a 100% streak free guarantee on all of our window cleaning work.

Track And Sill Cleaning

Most Window Cleaners Don't Even Crack A Window

Tracks And Sills Are FREE

We do a FREE basic track and sill cleaning with all of our interior window cleanings.

Screen Cleaning

Do They Actually Wash Your Screens Rather Than Simply Brush Or Wipe Them Off?

FREE Wet Method Screen Cleaning

We brush and wash your screens with water to get them as clean as possible.
Did we mention screens were FREE with an interior window cleaning?

Streak Free Guarantee

Our Motto is 'Windows So Clean You'll Think They're Open' For A Reason 🙂

Its Our Motto...And We Stand Behind It

If you find a streak, we’ll fix it. If you find it after we’re gone we’ll credit you the cost of that window. Guaranteed.

Ladder Free

We Don't Compromise On Safety

We Keep Our Feet On The Ground

Our state-of-the-art pure water window cleaning system allows us to clean from the ground. No safety concerns here.

Pure Water Cleaning

Eco Friendly. Super Effective.

We Treat Our Water Before It Hits Your Windows

Don’t Settle For Soap. It just makes your windows dirty after the first rainfall. We take ALL of the dirt off the window, frame and sill.

Online Bookings

Save Time By Booking Online

We Only Book Online

We have moved our booking process entirely online to streamline the process.

Up Front Information

We Always Give Honest Advice.

If We Don't Think You'll Like The Results, We'll Tell You.

We have been in the business for a while now and know what works….and what doesn’t.
We will always be honest about what to expect with results.

Choose Your Service

Some Companies Only Offer Their Own 'Process'. We Believe In Choice.

Choose To Do As Much Or As Little As You Like.

Outside Only Windows? No Problem!
Just Gutter Cleaning? OK!
You Always Choose Your Service Level.

Uniformed Technicians

If A Company Is Not Willing To Invest In Looking Professional, Then They're Most Likely In It For The Short Term.


We always arrive in uniform with state-of-the-art professional equipment to every window cleaning. Guaranteed.

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Why Choose Ancaster Window Cleaning?

  • Professional Level Equpiment
  • Our Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Easy Online Quotes & Bookings
  • Our Price Beat Guarantee
  • Years Of Experience
  • Multiple Service Discounts
Ancaster Window Washing

Ancaster Gutter Cleaning

This is a very important part of home maintenance. Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to water damage such as rotten wood work around your home, water entering your basement or crawl space, and even provide a place for ants and other insects to live.

We always clean and clear any and all clogged downspouts. In some cases, we will also blow the underground downspouts out. Sometimes, however, these underground downspouts are 100% clogged and may need to be replaced or snaked out by a landscaper or plumber.

We clean up all debris cause by the cleaning either by blowing the debris into a wooded leafy area or by bagging all of the debris and leaving this at your curb in yard debris bags. We also offer our services to haul off all debris and take it with us.

Estimates for gutter cleaning can be given easily over the phone or by email. Our estimates are based on the number of stories your home has and whether or not there is any type of gutter guard systems we may have to work with.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our gutter cleaning work

Ancaster Pressure Washing

We offer pressure washing for the following areas:

  • Driveways and sidewalks
  • Decks and patios
  • Brick and stone
  • Garage floors
  • Play sets
  • Fences
  • Low-pressure house wash

When pressure washing your driveway, sidewalk, and patio, we use moderate pressure to remove any dirt, algae, leaf spots, etc. We are very cautious with the water pressure that we use on your concrete surfaces. When washing concrete we use strictly water and pressure for the cleaning – no chemicals.

For treated wood surfaces we spray an outdoor deck cleaning product, let sit, and then rinse with very low pressure. We will repeat this process if necessary. This will remove any dark dirt stains, mildew, stains, etc, without removing your paint or stained surface.

When pressure washing your home we use a 5 step process.

We move your outdoor furniture, umbrellas, cushions, etc to a safe area.
We wet and rinse your home from the gutters to the ground to remove the surface dirt.
Then we put all of your furniture, floor mats, umbrellas, cushions, etc back where they belong.

Screen Cleaning
Window screens are fragile as they can be easily bent, torn, or stretched. Please ask us about our detailed screen cleaning services. After your screens are cleaned properly, we gently place them back in the windows.